Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recap galore Part 2: MeCAF

The Maine Comics Art Festival was a few weeks ago where I tabled with my fiance and art buddy Renee Kurilla. It was my second time tabling at a con (first being MICE in October) and I gotta tell you, it's pretty great. Now I'm no "comic artist" per say (although I'm going to change that soon hopefully), so it's a little funny selling primarily prints at these things. Regardless though, it's definitely an experience I recommend for any artist in the industry to do at least once. Whether it's at a comics con or any other creative festival. The sensation really is like a rolling critique. Every person that comes to your booth is different, and sees a different thing at your table. You get a pretty honest read from most people (plus some weirdos thrown in there), so it's refreshing to open your doors and your art and let people see what you have to offer.

MeCAF is specifically great. The turn out for this event is very family oriented, so getting kids to come up to your table and laugh at the stupid drawings you make, is pretty classic. Renee created some pretty cute felt creatures, and seeing them get gobbled up by kids was priceless.

The featured guests this year were Kazu Kibuishi and Kate Beaton. I didn't get a chance to say hi to Kate, but I did however spend lots of time getting to know Kazu. What a great guy, seriously. MeCAF sponsors a little event the night before at the Shipyard Brewery, where we simultaneously shoved pizza in our faces and guzzled beer. So we all got lots of time to chat and share stories.

Super fun stuff, now I just gotta get my ass in gear and make some comics.

Here's a few photos -

Renee and I at our tables

Me workin' away

Busy Renee at her table (and Ellen)

My sister Kim made some super cute crocheted Jellies

Neighbors on the left and buddies Matt and Ellen

Neighbors on the right and ALSO buddies Dan and Bob (which btw, buy your copy of Heeby Jeeby Comix HERE! )

Kazu and I 

For more photos hop on over to Renee's FB page

For more info on MeCAF click here and here.

Next up: Creative Juices Art Show

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