Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recap galore Part 1: PAX East

Hey everyone, things have super crazy busy (which is a good thing!). Over the past two months some real fun stuff happened: [serious mode] wedding planning, PAX East, trip to Mexico, tabling at MeCAF and finally putting on the 3rd annual Creative Juices Art Show.... Needless to say, I haven't had time to update much of anything besides my tweets and Instagram feed.


I'm gonna do a real quick recap on some real cool things:

PAX East- 

This was the second time I've gone and it was just as cool. Yea it really is just another massive convention with big studios, but it's cool that something like this has come to Boston. It's great for two reasons, a. fantastic buzz for the Boston Games Industry and b. it's literally in my back yard.

This year it was specifically cool because of this:


Since all the AAA studios were gobbling up most of the floor and I'm assuming the Boston Convention center is expensive as hell... this genius idea was formed.

It was like walking around a really cool arcade, only you got to ACTUALLY talk to the devs on the floor. Which wasn't the case for the majority of the other booths, who had their games on a pedestal, locked away behind closed doors. *cough* Assassin's Creed 3 *cough*

Anywho - my big takeaway from this was Capy. I've been a fan of theirs since Critter Crunch and recently Sword and Sworcery. So it was great to chat with them for a while. Even greater was getting to meet Craig (Superbrothers) Adams, and totally nerding out with him about how he animated the deer jumping into a bush in S&S. Oh and I totally scored his John Hancock on this badboy.

The S&S Soundtrack on LP!

Other take aways were: 

The Naughty Dog panel, those dudes are real kick ass.

And lastly: The Irrational panel that my friend Matt scored us front row seats to (it helps to know the animators working on the game hehe). Ken Levine was super inspiring and I left jazzed to make some art for sure.

Yep, I'll be going again next year- if you're in Boston and can make it, I'd say check it out.


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