Monday, April 11, 2011

Longbottom Leaf

I've been told by many people, that these little guys are their favorite Lord of the Rings characters. Hopefully I do them justice. :D

True fact: Hobbit feet are probably the most fun thing you can draw. Try it.



ETCIllustration said...

The expression on the left hobbit's face is HILARIOUS. Love 'em!

Keith Zoo said...

:D thanks Ellen! Yea, Renee kept looking over and noticing his eyes getting squintier and squintier. lol This was a real fun one to make. I need to go back and tweak Frodo now, so they feel cohesive as a collection.

Bas Cahuzak Amsterdam, Netherlands said...

hehe nice

are you going to line them all up in one picture when u are done? :D

Keith Zoo said...

yea! I think once I get Aragorn, Sam and Boromir I'll try putting them all together. Figures I leave the two humans for last... BORING. lol

Kate Cotter said...

It's so funny...they're such hobbits. Buuuuuut they still have parts of you in their expressions!!!