Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Terrible Yellow Eyes revised!



So I was over at Terrible Yellow Eyes, drooling over what everyone had made and I started to glance back at what I had created for Cory. I was (and still am) satisfied with how it came out, but I always felt like there was something missing. I think I always felt like there was a lack of soul in the beast. My intent was to make him jovial, so in doing so, squish up the ol' eyeballs and make him squint. However, considering Max is facing away from the viewer and the second beast is basically a faceless creature in the shadows, this basically leaves us with three characters without eyes.

So I noodled with it a bit, I personally think I got what it needed. Now you can see a spark of life in his eyes, and a bit more sense of curiosity.

-also another note, I think having his eyes open, lead the view up and around the illustration. Where as, when they were closed, you kinda just stopped on his face.

Let me know what you think, maybe I'm wrong!



Philip Morgan said...

First off, love the image, so anything else I say is just nit-picking. But the eyes in your old version, were the only bit I didn't like. The new version takes the only niggle I had away, so I guess it's perfect. Do you get to resubmit it to TYE?

Keith Zulawnik said...

Hey man, thanks for the kind words! Nah I'm not gonna resubmit, I'll just leave both versions up here on my blog for people to enjoy.

I'm glad you dig it, it's always good to hear feedback.

Bob Flynn said...

I think you finally sold me. After looking at them with a fresh set of yellow eyes—sure, the open eyes invite you into the image more. Nice edit, sir.

The happy eyes were cute, though.

Z-Kids said...

Wonderful wonderful!