Thursday, July 19, 2007

Art Beast!

So Davis Sq. has a cool little festival each year called art beat. All local artists come together, share things, it's pretty cool. ( so I've heard) hey come on! I'm new to the area!

Anywho, my buddy Naomi was asked to build a big balloon monster for the event. Her being shmooze-tastic and all, mentioned where she works, Pete's name, and that she is in daily company with a slew of illustrators. So long story short, all us fable folk are making some monsters for her.



Mike said...

What a disaster Ritz Camera turned out to be! Hopefully you get that winsome creature printed out by tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing it.

The Everyday Visuals are playing ArtBeast at 1:30 in Davis!

Bob Flynn said...

Monsters rule! Keep it coming! More ART!

Julia said...

this guy really is awesome. i can't believe you can get such an awesome painterly effect with vector...tom B would be proud. :)

Mom "Zee" said...

Yeah! More Art!

Wow, some dreams really do come true. Drawing've talked about it since you were 2!

"Papa" is as proud as the rest of us that you listened to him, and you followed your heart in Art.

OOPS.....Sorry, I said I wouldn't post my comments to embarrass you any more.....Oh Well!

Keep that hand a drawin''re great at it!