Sunday, April 10, 2011

MoCCA ! a tiny recap

Hey Everyone, Renee and I just made it home from MoCCA. We saw a lot of great stuff and got to meet some really cool people. I'll just share with you a snapshot of some of the killer loot we scored.

Bob and Dan at the Heeby Jeeby table

Scott C drawing a stapler dude, me staring. haha

Nathan Stapley painting away. He was doing 1$ portraits allll freaking day. It was intense and also amazing. Thanks again, man!

Here is mine (he intentionally made me look like the kid from little house on the prairie, really... haha)


All the loot. From left to right, Dan Moynihan, "Secret Prison"comics newspaper, John Martz, The Anthology Project, Nathan Stapley portraits, Scott C coasters, Jannie Ho, Corinne Mucha, Jerel Dye, Emily Carroll

There was SO much more art we wanted to buy, but you gotta stop at some point.

Volume 1 of the "The Anthology Project" I highly recommend these books to EVERYONE. It's a fantastic collection. Renee and I had to buy both immediately.

Renee and I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Bradley, Joy Ang (who did the mind melting cover for volume 1) and Katie Shanahan at The Anthology Project booth.

"The Seven Windows" by Emily Carroll from The Anthology Project volume 2

Scott C made some kick ass coasters from his "Great Showdowns" series. Anyone who is not familiar with Scott's work, please, click the link. So so funny. He has such a great sense of humor, and he's an all around cool dude. I asked him to sign my coaster, we both agreed that a stapler dude would be fitting for the Office Space showdown.

"Beetle Juice" Showdown

"Ghost" Showdown

"Back to the Future" Showdown

John Martz came down from Canada to say hi to us American folk. Really funny guy. I picked up his comic "Heaven All Day".

So that's about it, hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak.